His presence

God is good
Not was or will be
He is good.
Goodness is not part of his character, it is who He is.
God is good
Despite our why, despite our mood.
Even if you are in a bloodshedding battlefield,
God is present as a shield.

He is still with you
Soothing you with his presence.
The Lord is good
In the day of trouble, he is a strong hold
And He knows them that trust in him.
His presence that is like
A hiding place from a heavily blowing wind,
A wearing day coming to an end,
A cover from a storm,
A fleece to keep the body warm,
Rivers of water from a dry place,
A sudden certainty when nothing makes sense,
A shade of a great rock in a waste land;
Falling on a mighty hand,
A zephyr in the midst of burning,
A once and for all answer for yearning,
A sigh from a burdened heart,
A pacifying assurance.

When He finally arrives,
And the part of you that you thought
Would be dead survives;
You won't be surprised,
You will just close your eyes, lift up your hand
And say 'The Lord is good'
Like the shunammite who said " the Lord lives so it is well."
Despite your situation, as long as the Good God lives, it is well.

The amazing part about God's goodness is whatever joy you are in,
he is there delighting with you and whatever battle you are in,
he is there fighting for you.
//and in every little thing in between He is with you//

On Monday, i’m going to start my face to face clinical classes and I won’t be posting as often as I do now since i will be busy. In addition to helping patients, I also want to spread God’s word and tell others that Jesus loves them. For longer than three years(almost four if the lockdown is included), we have been learning just the theoretical part of medicine, and we are now going to start the practical. So it’s going to be a new journey. I will try to read your posts when I get the time because they encourage and teach me a lot. God bless you all🙏🏽

24 thoughts on “His presence”

  1. So beautifully written from your heart. These words are so needed today. Wishing you all the best with your clinical studies. Thank you for these calming words of hope this morning.

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  2. Beautiful. God is indeed good. Good luck with the next phase of your studies. May the Lord be with you as you apply practically all that you learnt and continue learning more. And may He be with you as you share about Him to others.
    Blessings Saron 💙.

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  3. Beautiful piece. Indeed, God is good. His character remains true despite the storms that we face. He is a Good Good Father who never forsakes His children. May you continue to share the love of God. As you start clinical, may God see you through each step of the way. Have a wonderful day Saron 😊.

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