A poem: You are loved

You are not defined by your mistakes,

Your imperfections or your drawbacks.

The weight of sin that you committed,

Or the many times that you failed.

You are loved, honored and looked after,

Created and protected by the Lord our Father.

Dear, Jesus awaits you with arms wide open,

He won’t abandon you if you are broken.

He will wash your dirt and give you a new outfit,

He doesn’t care if you are a misfit.

So, stop looking for peace where it cannot be found,

Come to the cross and fall to the ground; And cry out to him.

He will listen to your cries and wipe away your tears,

He is the God who knows all your deepest secrets,

All your insecurities and the things you try to hide,

But despite it all, He has always been and will always be on your side.

And with him by your side, you are not hopeless

He is your power, you are filled with greatness.

This is a shorter version of a poem that i wrote. I wrote this poem some years back to let some of my non christian friends and also Christian one’s know that they were loved by God. If you like it, send it to someone who you think needs to hear it.

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