His presence

God is goodNot was or will beHe is good.Goodness is not part of his character, it is who He is.God is goodDespite our why, despite our mood.Even if you are in a bloodshedding battlefield,God is present as a shield.He is still with youSoothing you with his presence. The Lord is goodIn the day of trouble,… Continue reading His presence

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I don't deserve your plenteous graceYet I keep receiving grace upon graceYour gifts and calling are irrevocable,Your unchanging truth forever credible.Take my giant problems and make them look small,My void, emptiness, My God You make whole.I have seen you give hope to the heartbroken,I have seen you fulfill what you had spokenThe promises you give… Continue reading God


Carpe diem

As the flowers of spring bloomRising up from their fallen state,They enter a season of hopeTeaching us somethings are worth the wait.Go out and drink it's sunshineWhile the summer sun is still here,Before the beautiful birds in the skyFly away and disappear.Watch the leaves of Fall fallAs they shrivel then rise again,Their glorious beauty will… Continue reading Carpe diem


Poem: come

Child Come and be set free                       The rest that you've been longing to find,is found in me.                        I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, your transgressions             and, as a mist, your sins.Come to me for I have redeemed youThe moment i was hanged on that tree.Child come and lay them down;All the burdens that this world laid… Continue reading Poem: come


Poem: love

Love's ways are always fair,Does not favor one and leave one in despair.Love is kind,Its glorious illumination is seen by the blind.Love is patient,It's ever willing to endure and wait.Love does not envy,It knows no selfishness or cruelty.Love does not brag,or smirk at the ones who lag.Love is not proud,Does not live to impress a… Continue reading Poem: love


His kind of love

When Jesus says He loves meI know it is:through thick and thin,whether I fall or riselose or win.He still loves methough i grow weary sometimes,find other favorite pastimeseven;when i fall short of his gloryget caught up in this world's euphory,when i stop seeking his face,to search for peace in another place,Ignoring him again and again;fighting… Continue reading His kind of love